My Go-To Natural Hair Products

Finally revealing what products I use to ensure healthy hair growth the Naturallynappy way…

In 2017, during the month of November, I made the impulsive decision to do the ‘big chop’. At the time I didn’t know what products to use on my hair or how to take care of it in a manner that would promote hair growth, so for a while I neglected my hair. But it got to the point where I needed to do more to take care of my hair, so I started searching for products that would help grow my hair and researching methods on how to prevent shrinkage. That was when I came across Indlovukazi Beauty Care haircare products. 

I have been using Indlovukazi products since early last year and I must say that their products have really and truly contributed to my hair growth. Indlovukazibeautycare is a company based in South Africa that produces affordable and natural hair and skincare products. They have a wide range of products that are made from incredible natural ingredients like Shea butter, Castor oil, Rosemary oil etc. that ensure healthy hair growth for all hair types. Ever since coming across this brand I have been using their haircare combo which is worth R400 and consists of: 

  1. Moringa hair and scalp shampoo bar (R55)
  2. Hairgrowth formula (R200)
  3. Shea-Olive-Rosemary hair moisturizer (R75) 
  4. Hot oil treatment (R70)

If you will like to place an order of these products please visit Indlovukazibeautycare’s online shopping website.

[ Image of the Moringa Hair & Scalp shampoo bar from Indlovukazi]

I know that for some of you, a shampoo bar is something that is a little bit out of the ordinary, but I personally love it because it is so much easier to use when washing your hair. The Moringa hair and scalp shampoobar is a blend of Moringa, tea-tree, rosemary as well as peppermint oils that nourish the scalp and leave it smelling fresh with the peppermint fragrance. With Moringa being the main ingredient, I think it is very fitting to provide you with a few hair benefits of from the use of Moringa; Moringa promotes healthy hair growth and prevents dandruff build up as well as hair breakage. 

[ Image of the Hair Growth formula from Indlovukazi]

Their Hairgrowth formulais a product that I use when doing the LOC method which is the liquid, oil, cream method that helps keep the hair moisturized. I use the Hairgrowth formula as my sealant after applying liquid and oil to my hair in order to lock in the moisture of the liquid (water) and oil then I do twist braids to allow it to dry. The formula is a rich blend of shea butter, coconut oil, Jamaican black oil and other essential oils. This product has helped grow my hair so much and so quickly and according to Dr. Thube Ngubane, the owner of Indlovukazibeautycare, it has helped many of her clients deal with hairline issues by restoring the hair line because of its ability to stimulate scalp circulation and feed hair follicles with important nutrients that promote hair growth. 

[ Image of the Shea-Olive-Rosemary Hair oil moisturiser from Indlovukazi]

My personal favorite product out of all of them is their Shea-Olive-Rosemary hair moisturizer. Aside from having a consistency to die for, this product is my literal go to, especially on days where my hair is looking and feeling a bit drier than usual. I use this product as hair-food by moisturizing my hair with it every night when I am doing my twist outs before I go to bed. I personally pride myself in doing twists because they allow me to moisturize my hair and they help stretch out my hair without the use of heat. Don’t get me wrong, there are days where I choose to embrace the shrinkage, but I find that doing the twists allows me more freedom to play around with my hair style. 

[ Image of the Hot Oil treatment from Indlovukazi]

The Hot oil treatment is a product that I personally don’t use as often as I probably should because it requires a lot more time and effort, however when I do use it, the treatment leaves my hair looking radiant and feeling as healthy as ever. The treatment is a blend of Jamaican black castor oil, apricot kernel oil and other selected essential oils that help encourage hair growth and prevent the occurrence of split ends. 

I hope that this will answer all of your questions about what I use to make my hair grow so thick and healthy and I also hope that with the use of these products your hair will also grow.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. zandileyaze says:

    you have AMAZING hair, so i might just try these out. thank you for sharing


    1. nanamadwe says:

      It’s an absolute pleasure. Please feel free to send through photos of your results if the products work as well for you as they have for me.


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